The Dramatic Coastline of Algarve, Portugal


Absolutely beautiful – I told that I’ve added this to my Bucket List! Amazing how beautiful this world is and just think…this is the “cursed” version – after the Garden of Eden….can’t even fathom what it was like before!

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The Algarve of Portugal refers to the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, and features some of the most dramatic coastlines in all of Europe. Though the area was home to paleolithic and neolithic cultures — as evident by the megalithic stones near Vila Do Bispo — the area is heavily influenced by the Visigoth culture and the Moorish cultures.

Algarve -- Map

The Moorish Influence of Algarve, Portugal

During the Moorish Invasion and Conquest of the Iberian Peninsula that began in 711 A.D. the area took on a new identity with its many Muslim inhabitants. In fact, the name Algarve stems from the Arabic word Al-Gharb (الغرب) meaning “The West,” as this was the furthest west coast of mainland Europe. While the culture has changed much in past years, the Muslim and Moorish influence is still heavy in The Algarve’s culture, cuisine, architecture and traditions.


Portimão, Portugal

Formerly known as “Vila…

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