I Couldn’t Take 1 More News Notice on Michael Brown without spouting off…


I just received a news ‘blurb’ on my phone that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has called up & put on active stand-by the Missouri National Guard…

INDICT DARREN WILSON and have a trial to ultimately determine innocent or guilty. The pain the Michael Brown’s parents must be feeling is unimaginable.

This ‘prosecuting attorney’ Robert McCulloch, who by the way lost his cop dad to a bad black guy, has no right to do this…he’s made a conscious decision … leave it to the grand jury with no instructions…WTF 3 months this has gone on…give it to the courts for a decision!  Calling out the MO national guard – sounds like they already know which way it’s going to go.

Civil war instead of Civil disobedience created by a cop who killed the kid in a heat of the moment situation (maybe)BUT as a police officer he is supposed to be trained NOT to react in the heat of the moment. They’re supposed to be trained to be better than that!

Even Darren Wilson’s life has to be in limbo. Scared every minute of the day? Maybe or maybe not but…

I’m all the way in Phoenix, Arizona but my heart goes out to ALL the victims in this tragedy!


What do you think?

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