Yes Mr. President Obama, Yes, Yes, Yes!


I’ll lose so-called ‘friends’ and ‘relatives’ who will, after reading this article, choose the option of  ‘unfriending me’, removing me from their email contacts and taking me out of their phones.  But living in a state with a southern border, I see how the current laws and biases and racist ideologies consistently tear families apart.  Those who oppose any type of immigration reform for those already in the United States are, I’m sorry, but you are just wrong! – You are not going to remove some 10 million plus persons from the Unites States and not totally destroy a much needed infrastructure of the current states that house the majority of these people, such as Arizona where I live and have lived for 34 years this Thanksgiving day.

Last evening I had cause to speak with someone who has come here from Mexico to make a better life for her children.  Yes, she and her children have lived here for more than 10 years – yes,  she is working a full-time job – and yes, from that job she pays in to Federal, State & Local taxes from her paycheck as well as paying taxes anytime she purchases something, just like you and me. She is a regular customer of food stores, gas stations, utility companies, clothing stores, big box stores such as Walmart, Target, etc. = pays taxes, Buys a car = pays taxes, Rents a home = pays taxes! Get the idea? No?

A demonstration in front of the White House last  week in support of broad changes in immigration enforcement. Credit Jabin Botsford/The New York Times

A demonstration in front of the White House last week in support of broad changes in immigration enforcement. Credit Jabin Botsford/The New York Times

New York Times Article

MSNBC Jose Diaz-Balart - President Obama to move on Immigration plan.

MSNBC Jose Diaz-Balart – President Obama to move on Immigration plan.

Jose Diaz-Balart with Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Telemundo’s Lori Montenegro discuss reports that President Obama is ready to act on immigration as Republicans in Congress prepare for a fight.

Living in the small community of South Mountain Village in Phoenix, Arizona, which is largely a Hispanic community I have come to know first hand, even within my own family – I have 2 grandbabies that would be personally affected by this legislation – the Hispanic population here all around me.  They are for the most part a proud and respectful people – they love this country – they love the opportunity that is afforded them by living here in our wonderful country. And, yes like within any nationality here documented AND undocumented have bad people within them.
They are a people consigned to live in the shadows – to live unqualified, unprotected lives.  Crimes AGAINST undocumented immigrants is an absolute given.  Who are they going to tell without the risk of being taken in to custody themselves?  Employers LOVE the undocumented worker – a person they are not required to pay even the lowest of wages afforded someone here working at the lowest position at Walmart.  No option for healthcare, unemployment insurance, or even the least of the benefits someone born here is guaranteed.
So, why, if it’s so hard to live  here as an undocumented immigrant, do more than 10 million fight against all odds to stay here, to raise their families here, to serve in the military – Why? Because they know, as we know who were born here, immigrated through normal channels, or even just come to the US for short periods of time as guests & visitors each year – This is THE best country in the world (yes we’re privileged, but we also know that it is true).  Having their children born here, even running the risk of being taken from their family, want a better life for those children – that’s it. It’s all about family.
I know if your mind is dead-set against this, I’m probably not going to change your mind. But in love, I beg of you to reconsider.What benefit will it truly be to the United States if we deport millions of people – many who have absolutely no ties to their country of origin.  I also want you to think back – remember all the Republican Presidents who used the presidential option ‘Executive Action’ to protect millions of people who were in the country illegally.  From President Reagan, President Bush 1 – again and again Republican Presidents have used the tools they had available, just as President Obama is now looking at his options.
To you, Mr. President Obama, I say Yes, Now is the time, Please move and go big on this! We need this to be a settled issue AND if and when Congress decides to move on legislation – I commend you Mr. President as you remind the nation, that WHEN the Congress does move, if they address in a responsible and reasonable manner, their legislation will be put in to place over what you are going to do now.
Please don’t wait – Please don’t put this off  – Please Go Big on this Mr. President!
Thank you Sir for listening, if you do see this little blog. From my friends, my true family and so many people I come in to contact with each and every day – Please say Yes!



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