Wordless Wednesday, October 15, 2014









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  1. Great capture of the beautiful sunrise we had this morning. I watched it come up over the Estrella’s…stunning!! We are just around the back side of them in the far western valley! Thanks for sharing!!

      • I’m silly because I bought a cell phone case that folds up to protect the phone, but it has a wrist strap to hold my camera phone close to me at all times (guess that wouldn’t work for a guy – just sayin’)…and I STILL miss the shots – Wait until you see my post next Wednesday – My hubby has started calling me the “Butterfly Whisperer”… 🙂

      • I was able to get some great pics for an upcoming post ofntonight’s sunset!

        Since my illness keeps me home so much that I find much joy in the amazing watercolors & oil paintings non my phone has 16mps fabulous texture etc! I’m so glad you enjoy my little blog! It is with great joy that I see you have completed.

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