Me & My Peripheral Neuropathy


So, I’m not diabetic – never have been – but i do suffer from Fibromyalgia & over the course of several years I have suffered thru Charlie Horses in my feet…screaming hours long constant cramping in my feet.  Husband sitting beside me, crushed because nothing we try relieves the pain until soaking in boiling hot water.

In the last few years the area of cramping and pain has grown from my feet to above my knees.  But to me, the most debilitating part is that my legs below my knees have become numb.

One day my feet


…work fine. The next day I try to stand up & I can’t feel my feet!  It feels like (although undiagnosed, I think my mom said it best) my feet are giant sponges…


And the rest of my body suffers the consequences. The doctors currently have me on massive doses of a drug Gabepentin which does help some to relieve me of the pain from the cramping in my feet and calves – SIDE NOTE: pretty funny actually, if it wasn’t so dang painful, to see my calf muscles visibly twisting into knots: END OF SIDE NOTE but it seems the Gabepentin does little to prevent the giant sponge phenomenon going on with my feet. As you can see from picture 2 Monday night I took a body slam into one of our awning poles and the pole won! I am not able to show the shoulder knot or the twist in my lower back – all internal with little to none external bruising…even though it’s there for me to feel like a little trick or treater 6 weeks early.



I have to make fun sometimes…otherwise I would literally cry 20/7 (that’s me – usually 4 to 6 hours sleep) – more if I can time all my meds right.


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