A day at the library with the boys! Thankful Thursday


I learned in a conversation with my two oldest grandkids (Isaiah 8, Eddie 7 & 10 months) that I, Super Granny, who LOVES TO READ, had been remiss in my Granny duties to introduce them to the magic of libraries…what is so neat is that here in Phoenix we have an incredible main library image

– 5 stories high, with exhibits and glass walls as well as glassed in elevators


(AND I confess before we left we rode one of those elevators all the way to the top and then straight back down again – Granny giggled)…I could manage that quite easily with my cane…

So, here are the magical things that happened at the library and when we finally brought our book selection home to Papa & Granny’s house… This photo is of the ‘cyborg’ piece that fell from their spaceship & landed in the library when it very first opened..


Then, here is a picture of Eddie – SO excited that Isaiah had pointed out a book titled EDDIE – a fictional story based on the Lost Youth of Edgar Allan Poe (written by Scott Gustafson)


In a couple of hours he had read more than 1/2 the book & wanted me to text a picture of him with his book to his Daddy at work…

NOW for the 2nd part of the small miracle day…Every time Eddie would say he was on page 10 or 15 I could believe it because he was reading on the sofa in the living room by me…so Eddie: I’m on page 12. Isaiah: I’m on page 21. Truth was I could see Isaiah playing on the house computer from where I was sitting…by the time Isaiah was on page “88” I had to find out what was going on…

So, I took him outside, told him what I’d seen and asked him to tell me how he was on page 88 and to tell me a little bit about what he’d read…he couldn’t and the poor kid broke down sobbing…I told him he could tell me anything and I would do what I could to help him, and I meant that.

Well, it turns out that I had pointed out how much I had loved Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mysteries when I was their age and had found 1 on the shelf and that was the book Isaiah had chosen…TO MAKE ME HAPPY!

I had to break it to him that I only wanted him to read what truly made him happy! So…now, it’s 4:20 and the library closes at 5:00 on Mondays… we throw on our shoes, fly out the door, jump in the car and run to one of the little public library branches close to home and race the thru the doors at 4:30!

We get his book turned in AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE! He was able to find 2 books that he picked out all by himself that he really is enjoying! Yea!

NOW it’s been a successful first (and second) trip to the library!

Next week we adventure there with Leilani 6 and Jazzy I’m 5…she’s convinced that is her name now “I’m Jazzy and I’m 5″…

If I can walk again by that time!


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    • Thank you…sometimes we get so wrapped up in ‘me’ that we feel either I’m too busy to do that (and God has slowed me way down on that with illness) or they won’t appreciate it the way I do…We forget that old adage about writing on the fabric of time…thank you again for the comment! Have a great week.

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