Forgetfullness a poem by Billy Collins


Forgetfulness – I found this poem while searching for something totally different.  I am not going to reprint the poem here BUT rather share the link back to where I found it BECAUSE includes an actual recorded version of the author reading it.

The amazing thing to me was that having first read the poem itself, the inflections and tiny personal idiosyncrasies in his voice shined a light on the author’s intentions. Truly a revelation this morning that I had to share with the wonderful people who follow my blog…

Please tell me what strikes you as you FIRST read and SECOND listen to the author, Billy Collins read it.. The ability to compare and contrast the poet’s intent? Was there a change in your mind after reading and then listening as the poet read his own poem?


Billy Collins poem, Forgetfulness

Poetry Reading by Poet Billy Collins on

Posted by Glenda just for you! 😉


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