Jahi McMath, brain-dead teen, released from Children’s Hospital Oakland into mother’s care   – Daily News


Where do you stand on this issue???

Courtesy of KGO-TV



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      • I have to leave that to them, in this case – fortunately, I cannot conceive how these people must be feeling.
        I suspect, with proper bereavement counselling and support they may come to accept what may be the inevitable – but within that context (not knowing the specific medical side of things) while their daughter breathes a billion to one chance of some recovery is more than none if life support is switched off. Live is the most valuable thing we have. (As an atheist, the phrase ‘when it’s gone it’s gone’ comes to mind, there is nothing else, no great paradise in the sky – that’s why life is so very very precious and we must cling to it for all we’re worth).

      • I have to rejoice that there is something so much more beyond this life and that I am just passing thru…hoping to bring life and hope and love to those I meet along the way! Sharing the truth that a little man lived a perfect life for my rotten one. Died and went to hell in my place, so I would not have to and sits at my Daddy’s right hand even now showing His scarred hands and pierced side for me…and for Jahi and her family, it is my hope that they know Him too! 🙂

      • I have to leave you with your faith and the hope that Jahi will be cared for by her family until they are psychologically prepared for her parting – which is a gift many unfortunate parents are not granted.

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