Merry Cherry Ice Cream


So yummy looking I just had to reblog!

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Merry Cherry Ice cream

cherry ice cream1

Life is just a bowl of cherries or if you are unfortunate enough to have a spell checker. Wife is just a bowel of herpies, I remain quietly confident that this isn’t the case.

Cherries are magical little darlings, arriving in their full-on blousey flowery way and mature to wondrous little wrecking balls of fruit.  Their gravitas wreaking havoc with a bing bang, sweet sour, dark diva red fruit that can dispatch a tooth filling in a nano second if you haven’t relieved it of its stone (not a pip = based on hardness apparently)

From the frailty and abundance of gentle pink flowers to the absolute ballsiness of fruit. Cherry can handle her booze and loves a drop of cognac and is indeed thanks to a certain Peter Frederik Suhm Heering able to give her weight to a Singapore sling or Rudolph Valentino’s Blood and…

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