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Fibromyalgia and the start of my old story…


I try to be lighthearted and share only the positive in this blog. But today I’m going to share where I am and hope that it can be of help to someone else!

I’m not going in to all the details… Since as an additional malady I also have non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy. What this means is that in my legs and now in my fingers I suffer from cramps in my legs that began in my feet and now goes up over my knees, and numbing of my fingers which has just started in recent months.

I keep buying exercise dvd’s hoping that I will find one that allows for my body issues. I know I need to ‘move’, but my physical ability isn’t there.

Normally if I dust and sweep, it takes me 1-2 days before I can vacuum or do laundry. I am finding that I having difficulty sitting and then standing… Can’t seem to get comfortable enough to relax.

I try to focus on reading and of course blogging. But one of the wonderful trick-or-treators of Fibromyagia is what they label as brain-fog or fibro-dog… Making it difficult to concentrate. Sometimes I find myself reading the same pages over and over again… But, all I can do is keep trying to function.

On a scale of 1-10 most days I’m at about an 8 with medications. Without them I’m off the scale.


Here is a list of the medications I’m currently taking… Hold on to your hat!

Fiorinal (for migraines)
Prevacid (for acid reflux disease)

I have been going through this for more than 10 years when I learned I wasn’t a hypochondriac who was going crazy, but rather and finally diagnosed with the fibromyalgia. When the doctor first diagnosed me with it, I remember crying like a baby. The relief was so intense!


I’m going to share some links that provides more information on this oft-times misdiagnosed disease. Again, my hope is to provide you with more information…