A Doodling Aficionado Confession | COWCATCHER Publications


In reviewing the latest Martha Stewart Living Magazine, I was excited to find an article by Ms. Joanne Chen (pg158, Sept 2013). And, the title alone was enough to grab my attention… “Is Handwriting Becoming Extinct… And, if it is, should we care? ”


While seeking out an online version of this article I stumbled upon another blogger/author who feels the same passion as me. So, I wanted to share her article with you and the link is below for more information and resources in favor of this strong theory reality in the benefits of handwriting!

Ms. Jodie Randisi, of “Do The Write Thing”from Cowcatcher Publications takes an equally strong stand… “Children who learn to print are much more ready and able to learn to read vs children (who) often know how to swipe a screen before they learn how to color. ”

I have often referred to the fact that I am a Granny of 6 and..

SSSHHH! I actually bribe them (not ashamed to say) to read to each other. The older ones earn money by reading to the younger ones, and the younger ones get paid to read along and listen. Confessions of a Granny… Maybe a new blog? Just kidding..? About the blog that is.

So, what do you think? Are we sacrificing anything by giving up what may soon become a lost art form?


What do you think?

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