Thankful Thursday!


My husband has gone to the mountains to get ready for the big hunt…I’m not thankful that he’s gone…

But it’s funny – last night he made the comment that being outdoors and living in nature, off the land made him feel that he’d been born in the wrong time.

I thought about that comment and realized that I’m truly thankful to be born just when I was and that all the trials, tribulations and paths I’ve walked down to be where I am right at this moment have worked for my good…Romans 8:28 – “All things work together for good, to them that love the Lord”.

So for ALL of that, I’m truly thankful on this “Thankful Thursday”.


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  1. when you give yourself cptllemeoy in the service of others, and in caring and loving others, you don’t just tap into God, you are giving them God. we are vessels of God’s love; he lives in us, and when we are willing to be just that ~ the vessel of His love, by sharing that love with others, it is our gift to receive those same treasures. God bless you all on Mothers’ Day, and may we in turn bless and worship Him.

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