Thankful Thursday – Truly


So many times in life, we look back and wonder why we had to go through what we’ve gone through to get where we are today.  Why not a straight line that didn’t deviate from our plan for life in the beginning? Wrong turns? Dead ends? Merging traffic?

Well, something I heard long ago makes a lot of sense to me now.

A tree that is planted where water is plentiful and the tree is able to reach a water source at a shallow depth beneath the surface (easier life without trials and troubles) will be one that is much easier to uproot and be knocked down when storms come.

Uprooted Tree

But…a tree that is planted where water is not plentiful and the roots need to go deep in to the ground (trials, troubles and hardships) will stand strong in times of storms, stress, strain and trouble.

We can’t all have an “easy” life…although some will…but learning from mistakes and wrong turns lead to a richer life and one that we can share with those who come after us.  We don’t necessarily always take our elder’s advice or learn from others mistakes…but the opportunity always exists that we may learn faster, avoid pitfalls, get to our destination just a little bit faster.

But…I know that from what I’ve gone through in my life I am a stronger tree that has a strong foundation and that it takes more and more to knock me down.  Am I thankful for all I’ve gone through – no – there was a lot of pain in my past, but I’m thankful that today I stand strong.


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