Time to Dekookify the Arizona Legislature by Laurie Roberts


Laurie Roberts is a columnist for the Arizona Republic newspaper and her article on “Time to Dekookify the Arizona Legislature” was featured on the AZCentral.com website along with many other Arizona radio and legal blogs.

I made reference to it in a blog earlier this week, Dear Mr. President, but feel it didn’t receive the spotlight it truly deserved.  She refers to a time when politicians reached across party lines to get things done – boy do we need that again at every level of government! So, I’m doing a feature post of it and here’s the link to see her post in its entirety.

Here’s one of her comments that brings me great sadness in its reality…”Now, I’m not advocating a Democratic coup. That could never happen anyway, given that we jam all minority residents into a few districts in the name of protecting their rights as voters. The question is, what sort of a Republican Legislature are we going to have?”

For the AZCentral post – click here.


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  1. I have a good friend who moved to AZ a few years ago, and he’s mentioned a time or two that things can be kind of wacky out there. I guess he’s not alone in his thinking.

  2. I could not agree more with that article. I am a former Arizona resident (born and raised) so I’ve seen how the government has changed. It amazes me what I read about AZ lawmakers, and that they are still in office. Too bad I can’t cast a ballot in Phoenix anymore!

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