Reporters Compromised? Dan Rather Says…



I do my best NOT to do articles like this, but last night driving home from work I was listening to Michael Castner‘s Wall Street Journal Daily Wrap on the radio and I heard something that disturbed me as an American who truly values a “free press“.  Michael Castner was interviewing Dan Rather about a phenomenon occurring in the press today.

Quote approval by the campaign camps.  Regardless of your political inclinations, this is something that we should all stand up against!

Here’s Dan Rather’s full article “Quote Approval a media sellout“…

From Mr. Rather’s article – “Thomas Jefferson said: “The only security of all is in a free press.” A free and truly independent press — fiercely independent when necessary — is the red beating heart of freedom and democracy. One of the most important roles of our journalists is to be watchdogs. Submitting to these new tactics puts us more in the category of lapdogs.”



What do you think?

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