Do You Use These Words Today?


I found in a conversation with a customer on the phone the other night great amusement on his part when I said “It would behoove you to check this out soon”… It also brought a great amount of  “clammer” (another word we don’t use anymore?) among my co-workers – half of them denied it was a word and the other half decided to find OTHER words we don’t use anymore and bring them back in to their own vocabulary!

Lollygag = means to dawdle or waste time unproductively

Thingamabob = is a name for something you don’t know the name for

Persnickety = means to be picky and fussy about details

Earnest = great movie – The Importance of Being Earnest

Harrumph = clearing your throat noisily – usually in a written document to show “break” or contempt for someone or something being said

Britches = old term for pants – pull up your britches!

Egads or Gadzooks = not sure if these are even “real” words, but they were definitely fun to say – give it a try – – – they roll off your tongue

Aplomb = self-confidence in a tough situation

Whippersnapper = A young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident

Copacetic = completely satisfactory

Plethora = an abundance of anything

What words do YOU use that others don’t? Do you have a favorite word?


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  1. I use most of them too, Glenda. I was just a little disappointed to see that you included the old spelling of HROomph in your list.

    My current favourite is ‘greading’ – skimming as many articles and books as you possibly can and then bookmarking or saving them just in case they come in handy some day. Twitter users in particular are often effective greaders.

    Don’t think you’ll find it in the dictionary yet.

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  3. I use almost all of them. Was playing the game Taboo with friends last week, and ,my best friend, daughter, and I were a deadly combination…we’re word geeks.
    What a genial post.
    Peace and good.

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