Movie Day with Granddaughters!


As you can see from this first photo, the girls are about as different as you can get.  Leilani (Lala) (blond) is “all girly girl” at 4 years old, at times, while Jasmine (Jazzy) at 3 years old, is definitely a “tom-boy in pink” at heart (brunette).  Lala told Papa that she HAD to wear her dress because “people will see me at the movies” – He’s convinced she is just like me, her Granny! – oh my!

And, Leilani had ridden the horse on the carousel the last time we went to the movies and this time, she was adamant about riding in the seat instead of on the horsey – carriage ride for a princess!

But Jazzy was ALL about riding the horsey!

Here are some more photos from that ride…

Learn so much from these precious little girls.  We did nails, makeup, and lots of love and laughter!


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  1. Awww precious! Leilani reminds me of my cousin’s daughter Aria…she HAS to wear a dress when she will be seen in public. lol And Jazzy reminds me of my cousin, Aria’s mother, at that age. She was a huge tomboy but always managed to put a bit of girly pink into it.

    • Love it! I know that they often remind me of my sister – each in their own way – they have small mannerisms that show me her in them – haven’t seen her regularly for 30+ years, but they’ll do something and poof – I’m transported back to my own childhood!

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