Too Phunny For Words!


Every night on my way home, on I-17 in Phoenix, Arizona I see the silliest, nonsensical billboard I have ever seen, thanks to Allstate Insurance.

Now, I don’t have a photo of it, so I’m going to try and re-create it here for you to get the visual!

Now, being a bit of a wordsmith, I have to post a blog about this obvious slaughter of the English language

I don’t propose that an organization as large as Allstate Insurance will see my little blog, but I can’t believe that anyone would NOT know that PH = Fa and so basically, this reads Froud to Frotect Phoenix

Just had to share this and get it off my chest…


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  1. The thing that’s really crazy is that they shouldn’t *have* to have an understanding of basic phonetics to know that the pronunciation would be same– unless, of course, they think they’re protecting a city pronounced “peanix”. I’ve never been a big fan of crazy spelling in advertising anyway (like “kar”), but this goes a little far.

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