Does Your Clothing Style Affect Your Work?


Does your style of dress affect the way you work? Does it make you feel better to dress in a suit coat and shirt or jeans and a polo? Which style works for you and against you? Is it evident? Does it match your vision of business growth or ability to be looked upon favorably by co-workers and superiors?



And, for the ladies…which style gives you the most ambition? productivity? chances of success and moving “up” in the business world?

Is the way you dress directly related to 1) how you’re perceived by your superiors? 2) your opportunity to move up in the office structure? 3) how you’re perceived by co-workers?

Which style do you work best in? Business, Business Casual, Casual or Beach Wear?


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  1. Like I said over on my blog, in response to your comment, I’m a firm believer in the “when you look better, you feel better” mentality, and I think that translates to work as well as just “I feel good today”. When I love what I’m wearing, I’m less worried about it, and more productive. When I’m uncomfortable in what I’m in, I’m distracted and don’t get as much done. I am most comfortable in business casual attire, I think, but do occasionally like dressing a little nicer–it’s a positive change of pace, I think 🙂

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