Vintage and More Than Half Way to Antique


I just realized when I was looking up “Vintage vs Antique” that I am “vintage” personally and literally more than half way to being “antique“.

But I don’t feel like that – I don’t think I look like that – and I certainly don’t think I think like that.  I do know that LOL means laughing out loud, but that wouldn’t make me “cool” or “hip”.  And, knowing that “sick” means “cool” now automatically makes me a part of the “in crowd”.  I see that I’m using a lot of “…”s in this post…and that definitely doesn’t make me cool.

But, I have learned that anything 25 years old or older is considered “Vintage” and anything more than 100 years old is considered “Antique”.  But just because something is 25 years old, doesn’t make it more desirable. And, being antique doesn’t automatically give something a higher value.

Check these vintage items out…are they “cool” or “sick”?

What do you think of “vintage”?


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  1. Now that i think of it, some of the clothes we wore in the 1980s are considered “vintage”, and a lot of that stuff is downright HIDEOUS lol. *shudders at the thought of vintage leg warmers and jelly shoes* Hmm. lol

    I love the cigarette girl and dress patterns on this post!

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