No Vote = No Voice


OK – so this isn’t the “light-hearted” post normally associated with this blog and I won’t preach too hard or too often, but I had to share this where people would see it.

The other day I was having a conversation with a young man and it drifted to politics.  His comment was, “What difference does it make if I don’t vote?”  I was floored by his comment although I shouldn’t have been.  In speaking to different people including people of my own age group, I’m realizing that there is a common thread.

What difference does my vote make? What? I know we won’t all agree on everything and many times we won’t agree on anything at all, but that feeling that “my vote doesn’t mean anything” is the saddest commentary on politics everywhere.  Your vote does count! – It’s a right in the U.S. to vote, but more than that it is your responsibility to vote.

I mean it when I say No Vote = No Voice.  You, when you refuse to educate yourself on the biggest issues affecting your country enough to vote your conscience on election day – give up your right to speak about anything – you have no right to complain or speak about things that “aren’t right”, or even things that are going “right”.

It is with your vote that you contribute to your country (wherever in the world you are when you read this post).  Yes, I’m passionate about it – I waited until I was a grown woman with kids of my own before I first voted but someone long ago had this same conversation with me that I had with that young man the other day.

So, if you live where you still have that “right” to vote, you have the “responsibility” to vote.  Your vote DOES make a difference and never, never, never give up your voice!


What do you think?

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