What My Grandkids Teach Me


Been spending some time with the grandkids this summer and am ever amazed at what they can teach us at such a young age!

1) How to be young again

2) How to play Hide-N-Seek

3) How to laugh at myself

4) They love to copy us (so it’s good to be aware of what you’re doing)

5) The simple things in life are so much fun

6) Any movie with the boys is good…regardless of the movie itself!

7) No matter what is going on, laugh and have fun – it will rejuvenate me!

8) Stay curious about everything…be open to learning new things…”never too old to learn” is a true adage!

9) Be quick to forgive and let go of hurts…don’t let them control me!

10) There is no such thing as too big a piece of pizza!


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