Confidence – Do You Have It?


This is one of those posts you would label, “Random Thoughts“…Sometimes I think that my level of confidence is about as low as it can go – why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? But, that’s bull, bunk, poo…whatever you want to call it.

There are many people who are influenced by us every day – whether its co-workers, family, relatives (and yes, there is a huge difference between relatives and family but that is a post for another day), even people we meet in the grocery line.

What we buy, who we share information with on Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites, people who have a blog that we follow and they follow us.  It’s all ways that we are able to share our confidence.

Taking chances, risking failure, taking that gamble that will bring even small rewards are all ways to build confidence in your self.  By taking risks and failing, we learn how much failure we can actually handle on a personal level.

Straight up rejection, subtle snubs, total screw-ups – all of these lead us to build confidence slowly but surely to become who we know we are inside.  We can’t internalize the rejections, snubs and our own personal failures and crawl in to a shell that is afraid of everything!  We must take them and learn from them and see that nothing is gained if we never try!


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  1. I am listening to a program called the mind aware. I like what she has to say. i am going to see if putting her into practice helps me.

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