Nicola Baker makes a great argument for the value of handmade and how the time and talent put in to the artist’s creation has a value all its own.

Handmade by Nicola Baker

This post has been spurred on by 2 things – a blog post by Ally Shaw from Feral Strumpet and the fact that today, on Etsy, thousands of shop holders are putting their shop on vacation for the day to protest at Etsy allowing some factory-made items being sold alongside handmade goods.

As an artist what you make is your livelihood; you make a living from art. For many people this is hard to reconcile – one, that you actually sell things and it’s not a hobby; and, secondly, that people actually choose to do this as an occupation. We all should be valued. At a recent craft fair she attended, Ally Shaw from Feral Strumpet says, “I had a difficult time explaining that I was a local Yorkshire artist, and that everything was handmade and carefully sourced.  My prices didn’t make sense to people, who were seeing bins of…

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