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Happy Birthday to My True Soul Mate


I’ve always heard The phrase ‘soul mate’, but until recently I didn’t have a true grasp of that concept…until now!  Then I realized that a true ‘soul mate’ is someone who truly wants and will do everything in his or her power to make sure you make it all the way to heaven…

But, even more than that as ‘soul mates’ you are also in this life together that together you stand ready to share The Gospel… The best news from God! That thru the perfect life of Christ in place of my rotten one…and thru His death that took God’s wrath and punishment in my place…and thru
Him going in to the pits of hell to put away The sins of all humanity once and for all…I can live a resurrected life…because I know He finished The work He was sent here to do because once He had set aside sin forever, once again perfect, God the Father could do no less than to raise His Son up to sit at His right hand making constant intercession between God and man.

That is what God has done for me and for my ‘soul mate’ and together we have that one thing for every other soul!

That is a true ‘soul mate, and I thank God every Day for mine!


Happy Birthday Wil Pitts!