Early this morning, about 1 or 2am  I was sitting outside on my courtyard watching TV on my laptop…stood up had no feeling in my left foot/leg (peripheral neuropathy) … went to take a step and did a face plant on the concrete. I think I was knocked out because everything is real hazy after that…I ‘woke up’ and remember going into the bathroom and thinking my face hurt. Looked in the mirror & realized part of what had happened.


Can’t tell now if black eyes are going to get worse as the day progresses?

  Hubby’s gone on the annual hunt until 10/30/14 so I think I’m ok…just have to take it easy … i hate this disease – makes me feel like I’m dying 1 little inch at a time. When I was 18 it was just my feet cramping all the time & now it’s my legs going numb all the way above my knees. Whole calf of leg cramps & feet go numb – feels like 1) no foot at all or 2) like my foot is a giant sponge.
They’ve done the testing to confirm the PN but also found that my feet themselves are atrophied.

MedicineNet.com is one site I’ve found that does a fairly good job of explaining cause, effect & some treatment options. The only thing that’s given relief so far has been Gabepentin, but I think from talking with my GP & my Pain Management Dr. that I’m pretty close to maximum dosage at 1200mg 3 x’s a day. And, obviously that isn’t working all the time.

I’m currently undergoing a series of injections – the first was a week ago in the cervical spine. I have 3 of those spaced 2 weeks apart (approx – next one on 10.31.14). After the cervical injections, they are moving to the lower part of my back in the Lumbar region. That will be another series of 3 injections over the course of 6 weeks.

Because the Pain Management Dr doing the actual injections is an anesthesiologist, I’ve chosen to be put under for the procedures. So far so good. They are hoping that the cervical injections will also help with my migraines (one of the fun trick – or – treaters that comes with Fibromyalgia).

The Pain Dr did tell me that because of arthritis, bulging disks and other problems I’m the Lumbar region, if the injections don’t bring relief I may be looking at back surgery & that scares me to death…pain or surgery – I’m going to have to look long & hard at those 2 choices, if in fact it comes to that.